Fiction & Poetry:

• “Fault” in Zetetic: A Record of Unusual Inquiry—FLASH FICTION, 2015
• “Flicker” in Pidgeonholes—VIGNETTE, 2015
• “Des” in Unbroken—PROSE POEM, 2015
• “GPS” in Pidgeonholes—FLASH FICTION, 2015
• “Five Hundred” in Spark: A Creative Anthology, Volume I—FLASH FICTION, 2013


• “5 Tips for Writing Twist Endings” in Flash Fiction Chronicles (Every Day Fiction)


Editor Interview with LitBridge for freeze frame fiction
• Editor Interview on Duotrope for freeze frame fiction
• Six Questions For D. Laserbeam, Editor, Freeze Frame Fiction with Jim Harrington
• EDITOR INTERVIEW: Publishing and the Art of Flash Fiction with JC Hemphill
• An Introduction to Spark: A Creative Anthology with C.J. Jessop
Ask the Writers Interview with Tina Pollick, for Spark: A Creative Anthology

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