Laserbeam Edits is an editing and ebook/print-on-demand formatting service run by D. Laserbeam, editor-in-chief of freeze frame fiction.

Current projects:
• Layout Editor for Seven Deadly Sins YA Anthology
• Layout Editor for Unbroken

• In-depth critiques, from characters and plot to line edits and more for flash fiction and short stories.
• Proofreading services for fiction and non-fiction, including blog posts and technical writing
• ebook formatting, with options for .mobi (Kindle), .epub (all other ereaders, tablets, and computers), and .pdf files
• Print-on-demand formatting (for CreateSpace, etc.)

Sample rates—all negotiable:

Short fiction
• detailed proofreading: $2–3 per page
• content critique: $3–5 per page

Technical writing—manuals, journal articles, etc.
• detailed proofreading: $3–5 per page

Ebook formatting
• negotiable, based on type (novel, collection, non-fiction, etc.) and length

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