blog post

This is a blog post so the blog page is no longer blank. I have no idea what will be going here. I suppose it’s also to tell anyone who followed this site during SAD that it’s now meant to be an author site, or a landing pad with a bio and list of publications.

For now, go check out my most recent publication: a bizarre horror-ish (twisted?) flash fiction called GPS, published by Pidgeonholes.

Pidgeonholes is a new ezine run by Nolan Liebert, a friend of freeze frame fiction. From their website:

We want your best work and wordplay, be it literary, speculative, experimental, or something absurdly unclassifiable. Just make sure it’s brief, brash, and beautifully written. While we only accept work in English, diverse ideologies, words, phrases, and pidgins are strongly encouraged.  We believe every genre has its place, but will not accept erotica, splatterpunk, or other extreme works. Sex, violence, and vulgarity are fine, so long as they serve a purpose.

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